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I’m Alexander Vilinskyy, a product designer at Grammarly. I’m passionate about design strategy, future of work, education, communication, and ethics. Here’s my site: vilinskyy.com

I want to share concepts and ideas in my head, mainly to spark new ideas in my reader’s heads! I want people to read my article and have Aha!-moments, that will allow them to think differently.

I don’t have a plan to write on a schedule. It will depend on my mental capacity, energy level, quality of information. You can follow me on Twitter if the email doesn’t work for you.

Please write me a personal letter to vilinskyy7@gmail.com! I would love to know your achievements, struggles, and have a chat.

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Product Designer at Grammarly. Passionate about the future of communication and humanity. Designing strategies, services, products and pixels.


Designer and Multi-founder. Passionate about the future of communication and work.